SG Designs has vast experience of all kinds of switched mode power design.

We have designed ultra-efficient  micro-power DC/DC converters to maximise battery life; kilowatt off-line AC/DC supplies with power factor correction; military vehicle DC/DC converters; automotive DC/DC converters; custom LED drivers and many more. We have written MathCad magnetics design workbooks for in-house custom magnetic designs. We can have custom magnetic prototypes manufactured on short turnaround times.

150W  AC input LED driver with power factor correction and microprocessor based DALI plus phase angle dimming. This design contains three custom magnetics.

50W intrinsically safe – ATEX – PFC single stage flyback converter with microprocessor supervision and custom designed magnetics

Power factor correct zero flicker 10W constant current LED driver fits inside a GU10 end cap. Custom magnetic design.

SG Designs developed a radio networked colour changing light. This is the driver and LED PCB.

Prototype 300W, 24V buck-boost PSU for a military vehicle. Designed to MIL-STD 461, 1275D and 810. Top side shown, double sided SMD throughout.

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