Design Tools

Analysis and Simulation

We use MathCad, PSpice, LTSpice, a few custom design programs and MS Excel for design analysis and simulation.

Above: Initial calculated loop response of power supply


SG Designs has a very well equipped lab. For example, instruments enable us to measure power supply loop response (Bode plots).

Above: Measured loop response of power supply

The ‘hidden schematic’

With high speed switched mode and RF designs the layout is inherently part of the circuit.


Parasitic inductance, capacitance and resistance must be carefully controlled, as must signal power and ground tracking and decoupling in precision analogue designs. Therefore, to achieve the best results we layout our own designs.

We mainly use Ranger XL, but can also use PADS and PCAD.

Mechanical Design

We use 2D and 3D mechanical CAD in house and for more complex design or product styling we have close links with a few Industrial Design houses.

We have a full suite of test equipment including:

N4L PSM1735 phase/gain frequency response analyser

N4L PPA2530 Precision power and harmonic  analyser

Rigol EMC spectrum analyser

LeCroy WP7100

4 of LeCroy DA1855A differential amplifiers

Four of TTI Intelligent DMMs

Four of High speed DC/AC Hall current probes

100MHz Differential probes

40 kV 75MHz high voltage probes

 sThree Kikusui electronic loads

Thermal measurements including IR thermal imaging

34970A Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit

6 of Low and High voltage lab PSU

Elgar variable frequency/voltage AC PSU

Variac and Isolation transformer

Wavetek 50MHz pulse/function generator

2 Channel 14 bit/100Mhz ADC data logger

Fluke Ti25 Thermal camera

Latest Work

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