Designed for an industrial electro discharge process – a modular high power, programmable current source, capable of providing 64A per module. Switchable polarity, microsecond settling time.

SG Designs was commissioned to look into the design of a high  power pulsed current delivery system.  The legacy design occupied several large power racks and involved many metres of cabling.  It generated kilowatts of wasted heat since it used resistors to approximate a constant current power source.

The new design uses active electronic  current sources and is much more compact with less wasted power.  The compact form factor means the cabling is very short thus allowing micro-second flat topped pulse to be delivered.

64 Amp ultra-high speed programmable current source.  2.5KW of power control in a compact water cooled ‘slice’. Precise and fast setting.

SG Designs designed a companion monitoring PCB which interfaces with the power slice. All I/O is galvanically isolated.

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