Switched Mode Power

We have much experience and expertise in all switched mode power conversion topologies e.g. Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost, Flyback, SEPIC, Push-Pull, Forward and Bridge.

DC/DC converters from Micropower to kWatts
AC/DC converters including PFC
MosFETs, SiC, GaN
High Voltage DC and High Voltage – High Frequency AC power supply design
Custom magnetics design of inductors and transformers

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Automotive power converters
Design for automotive environment, transient protection and EMC


Motor Control

From low power precision DC motors and servos to KW motor drives

High Brightness LED Drivers

Closely related to our skills in switched mode power are power LED Drivers.

We have designed many LED drivers both battery powered portable solutions and off-line drivers. We are experience in ATEX design.

battery & charging

Battery Technology and Charging

Experienced in the analysis and design of portable power solutions including charge, discharge and ‘gas gauging’ of:


NiMh and NiCad
Sealed Lead Acid

Ultra Capacitor energy storage

Solar charging, MPPT

We can analyse your requirements and design the optimum solution

Analogue Electronics are a particular speciality. We have much experience in measurement system design, data acquisition, signal conditioning, sensors and interfacing.

Precision design, low power design, wideband design

Measurement instruments

Data Acquisition

HiFi Audio Design

Sensors and Interfacing

Ultrasonic transducer systems e.g. distance measurement

Low power RF telemetry and control

Having stated that analogue design is a particular speciality, in fact almost every product we have designed incorporates microprocessor control or monitoring.

We are familiar with Pic, AVR and ST products
Design for low power

SG Designs has the expertise, experience, knowledge, industry contacts, equipment and tools to carry out all phases of most projects from research through to providing manufactured products.

Research into physics of product

Conceptual design, mathematical analysis, simulation

Work with a network of product design houses as required

Electronic design

CAD schematics and PCB layout

Design validation and approvals, EMC, safety

Arrange manufacturing

It is always best to consider EMC design at the beginning of a project. Design for EMC starts with enclosure design and at the schematic level through to PCB layout. The most costly phase of a project to discover an EMC issue is near the end date when tooling may already be fixed. SG Designs can advise throughout and save you time and costs

35 years of designing to meet world-wide EMC and Safety Standards
Design for EMC from concept through to manufacture
EMC consultancy and review
Work with a network of EMC test houses
EMC consultancy and problem solving
In house EMC pre-compliance test capabilities
Experience in Intrinsically safe design and ATEX.

Latest Work

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